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Before staging can begin, you have to start with the basic preparation to sell any home:

  • Clean everything, even baseboards, make it sparkle and shine.

  • Put personal photos and family memorabilia into storage

  • Declutter every room,, surfaces,  furnishings, closets and garage.

Preparing a home for sale and staging a home is not the same thing, but in a way, it has the same goal. Doing the deep cleaning, decluttering, and purging is the first step to selling, no matter if you are having the home professionally staged or you are staging it yourself.

Every home has features and a specific layout or flow from room to room. Staging can help accentuate the features and tell a story of how each room can be used creating a flow that makes sense to the potential buyer.

The goal of home staging is to improve the home’s appearance in the eyes of potential buyers, with the ultimate goal of selling the home more quickly and for the highest possible price. With home staging you should be able to present your house in a way that appeals to  the largest possible audience.

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